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Sorted has a wide range of information and practical resources available for use. Northumbria Police regularly use our education packs to aid their discussions in schools about drug use. We can make these resources available to your organisation if you think they could help.Call 01670 500150 for more information. You may also find the following […]



Sorted regularly provide training courses for professionals and other adults who are working with young people. Substance Misuse training provides drug awareness and basic assessment skills for professionals working with young people (1 day course). The learning outcomes for the one-day course are as follows: To understand the context of substance misuse and young people […]

Sorted for professionals


Our work helps under 18s in Northumberland tackle a range of drug and alcohol problems. If you need training, resources, or would like us to deliver targeted education to vulnerable young people, we can help. Professionals can call Sorted should they wish to seek information about a particular substance or discuss any issue relating to […]


Stop Smoking Northumberland

Yellow teeth, smelly breath, smelly clothes. That as well as an increased risk of life-threatening diseases in later life. What is it about smoking that’s appealing? Sorted can help you if you are thinking about quitting smoking. We can tell you about the support that’s available in your area and give you some tips and […]

Sexual health advice

Sexual Health Advice Northumberland

Substance misuse and excessive drinking can lead to having less inhibitions. If you have a sexual health concern issue related to drug or alcohol issues, we can help. Our sexual health advisors can give you confidential information and advice and provide booklets on: contraception methods common sexually transmitted infections pregnancy choices, abortion and planning a […]

Alcohol advice

Alcohol Advice Northumberland

Alcohol is a legal drug. Drinking a lot of alcohol in one go, or regularly drinking a lot of alcohol for many years can be very damaging. Alcohol can be especially dangerous when taken with other drugs such as heroin, methadone or sleeping tablets. Mixing these drugs and alcohol has led to many deaths. Excessive […]

Legal highs

Legal highs

Legal highs are substances which produce the same, or similar effects, to illegal drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis. ‘Legal highs’ cannot be sold for human consumption so they are often sold as bath salts, herbal incense or plant food to get round the law. The effects of these drugs vary, but they all […]

Volatile substances

Volatile substances cover everything from glues and paints, to nail varnish removers and dry cleaning fluids, as well as the propellent gases in aerosols, cigarette-lighter gas, fire extinguishers and petrol. Street names include aero, butane, glue & sniffers. These products give off fumes or are gases, and can be inhaled through the mouth or nose […]

Drug advice

Drug Advice Northumberland

Sorted is the only provider of substance misuse services to under 18s in Northumberland. We help young people find a new direction and move on from drug use. When we’re talking about drugs, we mean anything from illegal substances like heroin, cocaine, cannabis and mephedrone, to volatile substances like gases, glues and aerosols, to medicinal […]

Our partnership

Sorted also seeks to ensure we foster good working relationships with other agencies across Northumberland. Our collaborations include developing several pathways to coordinate the best care for the young people we work with, and collaborations with other organisations to encourage the sharing of resources, information and best practice. Examples of these types of operations in practice include: […]